Photographs, especially physical prints, tend to create an illusion of holding on to certain places, people and events, but in today’s world obsessed with the image, images are easily discarded. I was drawn to working with cyanotypes because of the immediacy of the process and the texture of paper, which, unlike glossy surface, easily absorbs water and can be treated in a number of ways. By subjecting them to natural elements, I wanted to play with materiality of the medium and vulnerability of photographic memories.
Photographing men has been challenging for me in a number of ways; at times when the sitters were hyper-aware of the way they present themselves, I often felt like it’s impossible to break through this invisible glass wall. There are not a lot of portraits of male subjects done by female artists; taking into account concerns surrounding the way the image of masculinity is maintained, it’s rare that someone really allows to be “seen”.